Dark Clouds Are on the Horizon......

In the April 19th, 2007 Issue of the Financial Times (http://www.ft.com), Victor Mallet began his column with this statement: "Europeans and Americans, I urge you to prepare for the regular midnight conference call with your new head offfice in Mumbai or Beijing. Or Would your prefer 5am?" This is also even more distrubing, when the April 23rd edition of Businessweek, on page 31, it says in no uncertain terms that "..American companies no longer depend on capital spending at home..." So, the notion of an American Company is becoming less and less a reality.

All of us needs to realize that the balance of power is shifting. We need to realize and take steps to deal with it. That debate is not as vibrant as I think it should be. We need to change that for the sake of our children.

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Anonymous said...

This is because all the intelligent people of the world coming to the lamd of oppurtunity and the sending the money back to the country the originated from. Our good nature coming back to haunt us. (The Big melting POT)