Alberto Gonzales.....

I listened to Alberto Gonzales yesterday on CSPAN (http://www.cspan.org). I am sure he is a nice, honorable man and a good lawyer. I also wonder why would anyone want to be in the hotseat and would want to take on so much. However, when you take on this challenge, you have to be truthful, responsible and do the right thing no matter what. Mr. Gonzales apparently stated that he did not recall events more than 50 times.

Others have had their say and I won't repeat their thoughts at this time. All that I can say is that I continue to be worried when a man is running a Department who does not know key facts, make decisions by "trusting" staff--and not have a process to verify the facts presented to him. I wonder who will replace him if he resigns. Let's remember that we had to deal with John Ashcroft for four years. But, Gonzales is the man who helped create this lawless environment that we know today as Guantanamo Bay. As a society, we're better than that.
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