I had an opportunity to share my thoughts on a conversaton I had with my local postman on the John Edwards Campaign Blog. He told me that he had to sell his Condo and move in with his parents because he could not afford the cost anymore. I think we ought to remember such folks who work hard, pay their taxes and seem to be falling by the wayside despite the expanding economy and opportunity. As I see it, we have to make sure that such folks matter....Right now, they seem not to in the rush to focus on raising money , looking pretty and sophisiticated on TV, torpeoding all semblance of public finance and simply forgetting the simple guy in the street in the midst. I may be just frustrated, afraid and worried. I can't help it. I want to be optimistic for the sake of my child, but in the midst of the despair, it is tough to be optimistic about the future.
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