What a day today.......................

The Republicans are afraid of the truth. At least some of them are. What they did today to kill debate on John Warner's resolution is another in a series of efforts to mislead and avoid the truth. The truth is that Mr. Bush made a very bad judgement call in 2003. He says he is the "decider". The last time I checked, we were not a Democracy. How far is this man willing to go to cement his authority as the "King". We got rid of one King George. We really don't need another one.

As for Congress, we really don't need a do-nothing Congress. The President went out to the Democratic Retreat and promised bi-partisanship. We also don't need a do-nothing Congress. I wonder what will happen to this budget the President Sent up. $ 700 Billion Dollars (almost 30% of the 2.9 Trillion ) is slated to be spent on Defense. I realize that we are fighting two wars. When will this train wreck be stopped, though?

I am sorry to be concerned. We are mortgaging our future. Our distinguished leaders seem not to care.
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