The 2008 Campaign, Iraq & Other Interesting Tidbits.....

The Democratic National Committee just had its' winter meeting. All candidates were given 7 minutes to make their case. I happened to see Bill Richardson calling for a positive campaign and to save all negative campaigning for the Republicans. I hope that all 9 candidates listen to him. I doubt it, though. Joe Biden already started his campaign with attacking John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama all in one shot. But, maybe common sense will prevail. What I am hopeful about is the fact the way the primaries and caucuses are structured, we will now by mid-2008 who will the presumptive nominee be. But, a year is a long time in politics. It will be quite a show, though. That's for sure!!!

As for Iraq, the carnage continues. Over 100 people died yesterday when a truck bomb slammed into a Shiite market. The insurgency seems to be getting stronger and stronger everyday. From where I sit, I don't know what progress the Administration is talking about. Of course, to General Casey's credit, he indicated that the situation in Baghdad is "Bad". The hole is so deep, I don't know how we're going to get out of it. When Rupert Murdoch says, in essence, that he was wrong about the war--there is a bit of vindication. Where do we go from here, though? The Iraq Study Group provided a blueprint. But that blueprint was rejected. At least, I was pleased about Juan Cole's view that Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice nixed a briefing on Iran which was to be serve as a drumbeat for a potential strike on Iran. When will these neocons learn? When will we rid of them? The latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq also came out. It further debunks many of the views that the Administration has told us on what is actually going on in Iraq today. I realize that the President is the Commander in Chief, but his decisions have not been exemplary--to say the least.

Since we're on the subject of Neo-con's, NPR reported on Friday that one of their leading lights, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), put together a letter offering scientists $ 10,000 to debunk the report that came out on Friday warning of the dire consequences which has resulted from what we as humans have done to our little planet. If that is not arrogance on the part of the Oil Companies--which help bankroll AEI, I don't know what is. Of course, the guy who wrote the letter defended it. I would like to see what is the thinking in Exxon Mobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, ChevronTexaco? Don't they think that this party will somehow end? Should this be at the expense of our little planet? I hope folks will check this out: http://www.ipcc.ch/.

The challenges at hand continue.......

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