Thoughts For the Week

Another exciting week passed us by. The President reminded us that he is the "decider". He told us that he believes that the plan he has proposed is the best plan for Iraq. We have been told it is the last chance. Yet, the violence continues. CNN just had a report from Barbara Starr featuring some of our soldjiers who lost their life when a chopper was shut down by an apparent insurrgent missile. The sacrifice made is just beyond words. This sacrifice is compounded by how soldjiers have to adjust when they come back home.

This is a week that also saw a number of new White House hopefuls declare their intention to run for President. My fellow bloggers have had a field day trying to remind us who they hate, who they love and who they think has a shot. It is too early now. We are in for some exciting times, that's for sure. But, it seems to me that there has to be a better way to run for President.
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