The State of the Union

I am right now listening to a re-run of the President's State of the Union. As the President said, it is a historic time because there is a New Speaker, the First Woman. For the sake of the country, I hope that we have a government that works. I have listened to comments about how strong the speech is, heard a few of the Presidential Candidates tried to position themselves by disagreeing with it. But, I can't help but agree that we have a problem with health care. I had a Doctor Visit almost six months ago to this date. Today, I received a bill for $ 3.40, out of a total of $ 350 for a half-an-hour of visit. I am sure that the Doctor spent about $ 20 of staff time just processing such a bill. This is a major problem. I respectfully disagree with the President that private health insurance is the best solution. Tax Deductions are fine, if you have the income and can afford it.

Also, I just saw Senator McCain. He's fashioned a role as a leading figure for reform. Yet, he was part of the Keating Five. I suppose everyone makes mistakes. One thing is for sure: we're in for a extremely interesting two years.
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