The Apprentice

I just saw the Apprentice. I enjoy periodically watching it. It is a nice case study on how to manage people. The intriciacies of trying to build up a business from scratch is something that is fun to see. Who cares if the "Donald" has an ego? Who cares if is he is a Master Marketer and one of the biggest self-promoters? I say that because the "Donald" gave $ 10,000 to the guy who risked his life to rescue someone who had fallen into the subway tracks in New York last week. Who also cares that he is now featuring his daughter, Ivanka? She seems smart and sharp. I am sure that the "Donald" would not have added her to his team unless he had faith. I will always listen to the "Donald"....he has a point of view, he talks about it and it is worthwhile to listen to. Take away the Glitter, the appraoch, the arrogance and one has a process that can be refind and built upon.

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