Another Week Is Behind Us...and Another Interesting One....

The most gratifying update I received was about my Cousin, Richard McDonald. He's a Major in the Army serving in Iraq with the First Infantry Division. He just received his second bronze star. I am proud and priviieged to be part of a family that breeds such men who are dedicated to their country and to the cause they serve.

This week also saw Hillary Clinton clarify her intentions. Sam Brownback of Kansas entered the race. Others are continuing to position themselves and assess the possilibities to be President. I happened to be watching Wilson, the epic 1948 film on Woodrow Wilson. There is a scene whereby he says, after re-election in 1916, something to the effect, "...why would anyone want this job after 4 years is beyond me...". It is a tough, demanding job. It represents power and privilege. But, the burden is one that I wonder why anyone would want to accept. Just for that alone, I believe that all of us should extend the respect necessary for the office. We can disagree and disagree vehementhly. The only concern I have is when this respect and deference is interepeted by those in position of responsiblity to essentially do as they please. I want to see what the President will say at the State of the Union. Hopefully, it won't be a lot of happy talk. I don't think Americans wish to hear happy talk, but the truth.

This week also saw me visit the a website created by a Navy Petty Officer. The link is : http://www.appealforredress.org/index.php. Over a thousand members of the Armed Forces have signed up in opposition to the war. It shows courage to be able to speak up. I have not seen any stories on it in the US Mainstream Media. The only media to have featured it is the Nation Magazine. I just listened to a story on it in France24. The debate needs to continue--for the sake of the country.

I had a chance to listen to Barrack Obama's annoucement on his website. I wish him well. But, he should be ready not to suffer John Kerry's Fate during the Swift Boat onslaught. I heard Al Rantall on KABC in Los Angeles talking about Obama's background in attending Muslim Schools. I heard Al Rantall talking about him being a "liberal". Barrack needs to insure that he responds and responds quickly. I still personally thinks it is too early for him. But, we'll see. Some thought John Edwards was too early..but he ended up as John Kerry's running mate in 2004.

May we indeed live in interesting times.......
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