2007 and all its' possibilities

Well, 2007 is upon us. I am glad that 2006 is over, that's for sure!!!

Saddam was hanged. To me, for all that he did, that was not justice. He should have been buried in the desert and suffered for all the suffering he brought upon the millions of his people. But, now that he's gone, I will not dwell upon it further.

But, one thing I am sorry for is the passing of the 38th President, Gerald Ford. Not witstanding decisions he may made on East Timor, he was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. He worked to make a difference through his pardon of Richard Nixon and the amnesty he granted to all draft dodgers. He brought credit to America and I hope his soul rests in peace.

Middle East continues to be unstable. Sanctions has been imposed on Iran. Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to be volatile. Pakistan is volatile because it is facing elections. Afghanistan is volatile because the Taliban is resurrgent and there seems to be nothing either NATO or the Afghans can do about it. Peace also continues to be as ellusive as ever for Isrealis and Palestinians.

As I conclude this, I also can't believe how time has passed. Before I know it, I'll be reaching a milestone in my blog. I have been writing in my blog for almost two years now. I look forward to hopefully keeping this up and reflecting upon the issues of the day. It is one way of leaving a legacy for the future.

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