Why Do Folks want to take advantage of Human Misery?

Human misery is despicable anywhere. Anyone who suffers as a result of being homeless, been a victim of a crime or an injustice, must be helped. As I reflect upon it, I am saddened to see that historical events which have resulted in human misery beyond comprehension continues to be taken advantage of for political gains. Anyone who denies the Holocaust is either crazy, on drugs or simply wants to make a name for themselves. The Holocaust is a historical fact and the world never learnt the lessons. If it had, Rwanda would not have happened. Furthermore, Darfur would not be happening now. But, it appears that Sudan may get away with it, despite international pressure. The Chinese and Middle Eastern Investors are backing a major development project in Khartoum to rival what is happening in The Gulf. I guess money talks and hay walks....Will humanity prevail? I just don't know...despite being hopeful and optimstic about it all.....
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