Rumsfeld has seen the light!!!!

Well, Donald Rumsfeld has seen the light!!! After billions of dollars, almost three thousand lives, over twenty thousand wounded and a distrust developed between the government and the governed, Mr. Rumsfeld has seen the light...I am so glad.....The question then becomes, now what? Or better yet, so what? He's gone, everybody knows the decision was wrong and now we have to find a solution. Fingerpointing and thinking about what might have transpired will sure not solve our challenge in Iraq today. It will make it worst!!!


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Anonymous said...

I am so glad I get the opportunity to speak my peace on this. Everyone has been bashing Rumsfeld due to his policies. Has anyone thought that the Quadrennial Defense Review Report 2001 was a program that was put into action by President Bush? Rumsfeld was only doing his job and following his bosses’ orders. Now that he has no obligation to the current White House he is speaking out what some believe is the other side of his mouth. I may not like all the changes and decisions that he made but I feel that no one can say that he did not follow "his" orders. He did his job. He was completely loyal to that fact at all times. Some liked it some did not.
David S.