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Our Small Planet.....

There is an acknowledgment that our Small Planet is not well. There has been a concerted effort by the leading luminaries of the world to do something about it. One of those leading luminaries is Richard Branson. He pledged $ 3 Billion (Yes Billion with a B) to combat global warming. He made it at the Clinton Global Initiative that was held in New York last September.
Sir Richard is a smart man. He said he would invest the profits from his transport businesses to help fight global warming. It is not only good publicity, it is smart business because he is at the forefront of developing the next stage in human development. Others are also leading in this effort. The committment by News Corp to go green, the GE committment to being Green, Walmart's efforts on changing how it manages its' fleets of trucks, are all examples of what is possible. In addition, at the Government level, what Arnold Schweneger is trying to do in leading the way on cutting emissions is another valiant example. At least, things are beginning to move. I am hopeful that Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma will learn to accept this reality.

We need to take care of our planet. We are not being dilligent...that's for certain...A lot more of our leaders need to get onboard for the sake of the rest of us....
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