Elections (Further Thoughts and Reflections)

On and off, I have been watching the Debates on C-Span. I caught a glimpse of Senator Clinton and the Republican Nominee in New York fight it out and then saw Linclon Chafee and Sheldon Whitehead in Rhode Island. Everything I read and hear points to a Democratic Route on November 7th. I am not counting the Republicans out by any means. As Christopher Caldwell reminded us in the week-end edition of the Financial Times, the Republicans brilliantly executed the plan to insure that they stay in power. This is true, even though they have exercised that power as irrespnsibly as any party in power does. Mark Foley, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff are just examples of a culture that needs to be changed for the sake of the people. Everyone has focused on the individuals, but not the systematic challenges we face in this country. I would imagine all would agree on this very issue.

As a Democrat, I am sorry to state flat out that I think our party's nominee for Governor is going to lose. Unfortunately, no one is to blame but the Democrats themselves. Steve Westley and Phil Angeledis literally destroyed each other during the primary. I believe that John Garamendi, Bill Lockheyer and Cruz Bustamante will win their offices. I still have my doubts about Jerry Brown, because The Republican Nominee just keeps running these attack ads. Yet, Jerry Brown is a fighter and he may yet pull it off. Jerry Brown has been written off many times before. As for the Nation, The Congress is the Democratic Party's to lose. For the sake of the country, the Democrats have to show that they can govern and truly make a difference.

France also has an election. There is a very interesting candidate named Segolene Royale who has captured the imagination of the French. Her website: http://www.desirsdavenir.org/ has taken a page right out of Joe Trippi's strategy for Howard Dean in reaching out to the people on the Net. Unfortunately, my French is not the very best, but I hope that folks will be able to check her out. If the French are considering a woman for President...we should do no less. Interestingly enough, this very question was asked during the New York State US Senate Debate. Senator Clinton interestingly answered in the following manner: "It is up to the voters". It indeed is...and they have been known to surprise us before.

I'll conclude with a brief thought on polls: During the 2004 Presidential Election, John Zogby came out with an exit poll right after the polls had closed stating that John Kerry had won. Well, as we know now, it turned out not to be the case. Until all the votes are counted on November 8th, nothing should be taken for granted by anyone. We all need to vote AND we need to insure that our voices are heard. Every vote matters.

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