What a week....Just amazing!!!

The week that past was just amazing, again!!! Israel is insuring that Lebanon is set back at least thirty years, in the name of the war on terror. According to General Abazaid, Iraq is close to Civil War. He is courageous for pointing that out. I am sorry to see how U.S. Policy is in such a disarray. Yet, the U.S. continues to strive for the "new" middle east. For now, that part of the world continues to be in flames. What has been unleashed in Iraq and Lebanon is extremely dangerous. The administration just either does not get it or does not want to get it. I hope they listen to the counsel of wise men from the Middle East like Prince Faisal, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. He said that he'd rather have the old middle east than the new Middle East. If only the administration will listen.

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