What an interseting two weeks!!!!

Well, I take a couple of weeks off and look at what has happend. The UN finally was able to adopt a cease fire resolution and it is holding. It took the major powers weeks to come to a resolution. The price paid, though, is heavy. The fact that it is still holding is a victory for humanity and deceny. The President of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad, launched his blog. He also held an interview with Mike Wallace of CBS News. He did hold his own, but his responses were interesting to say the least. The proliferation of blogs in Iran is another point of pride. Two interesting blogs I check out regularly are Editor: Myself and Mohammad Abthani's Blog. For instance, I did not know that Abthani's brother and father were detained by the Iranian Government recently. For those who don't know, Mohammad Abthai was a former Vice President Under the previous President, Mohammad Khatami.

As for the U.S., we're about 75 days from "judgement day", as Sean Hannity's Show likes to remind us. One thing is for sure: there is a continued struggle in trying to define a future for the country based on it being safe and prosperous enough. The challenge, though, is not just for us to be safe, but to invent a future that all of us will benefit. The whole world aspires to be where we are in the United States today. We have to aspire to a higher calling in order to preserve this for our children and grand children.
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