Is this the start of World War III?

The Middle East has once again been torn apart by regional challenges. Israel has been pounding its' northern neighbor because three of its' military men were kidnapped by Hezbollah. Despite all the public pronouncements by Israel, expressions of support by the G8, I fail to understand why Israel is destroying a country for the sake of three military men? Their lives do matter, because they are serving their country. But, I am certain there is a better way. Thousands of prisoners from Lebanon continue to linger in Israeli jails, yet Israel does not even consider releasing them. That is not being discussed. And the rest of the world seems to be silent. Does Ehud Olmert want to prove to the world that he's just as tough as the previous prime ministers? When will this cycle of violence end? When can everyone come to their senses? Why can't anyone hear the Prime Minister of Lebanon? Israel matters and seems to be able to get away with whatever it wants in the name of protecting its' border. If it means destroying Lebanon, so be it. Hopefully, someone will talk some sense into Israel's leaders. My frustruation, as an American, is that Israel does not even listen to its' biggest benefactor and backer: the United States.
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