Weekly Reflections

There is too much going on this week. My fellow bloggers have been quite busy with reporting facts and I hope they continue to stay focused and not give up.

I read Joe Klein's Column in this week's Time Magazine. He's right in that the Democrats will have to be ready for another Karl Rove onslaught. As it stands now, the election belongs to the Democrats. But, six months is a very long time in politics. I hope the Democrats won't let Rove and Company and their Amen Crowd in the conservative talk show circuit define who they are. Democrats have to take the initiative. But, Democrats have lost two elections precisely because they have allowed the Republicans to define who they are.

In Iraq, the carnage continues. As I am writing this, another 9 unfortunate souls have lost their lives. It was not too along ago that the President declared "Mission Accomplished". There is a HBO Documentary called "Baghdad ER" that details life at a military hosptial in Baghdad. It appears that the Army withdrew its' support--according to the producers who were interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. It appears that Afghanistan--touted as a "success"-- is moving towards anarchy. It is at the very least, a very dangerous place to be in and there seems not to be an end in site. The Canadians renewed their mandate and NATO has played a leading role. But, the Taleban do not give up. The so-called Akond (holy men) are a persistent bunch. Combine this persistence with religious zeal and one will have a lethal combintion.
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