Congressman Jefferson

Congressman Jefferson was the "News" of the day out of Capitol Hill. He's from Louisiana. He's supposedly been charged with using his office for personal gain. The FBI raided his office in the capitol looking for documents.

It appears that this raid, though, was the first in the history of the Congress.
Dr. Bill Frist, the Senate Majority Leader, got into the fray Sunday by saying that "it was proper" after discussing it with the Attorney General. This is the same Attorney General that signed off on torture and the same Attorney General who called The Geneva Convention irrelevant.

Congressman Jefferson has to think about his position. He needs to think about the greater good of the country and the institution he is a part of. If the Democrats are to be the clear alternative, they have to avoid having to deal with side shows like Mr. Jefferson. I am sure that the Democratic Leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, has that in mind. Unfortunately, the Congressional Black Caucus seems to think otherwise. Such issues will undermine Democratic credibility.

Why is this important? It is important for one simple reason: the Constitution is being systematically rail-roaded by the Bush Adminstration. The Congress is either powerless or spinless to stop it. It is also an open secret Dr. Frist wants to be President. So, it seems to me, he would obviously come out and say it was "legal". But, who am I to question the mighty and the powerful?
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