The Unrecognized Palestinians

I ran across this from Viewpoint. As I read about the world-wide reaction to Hamas and its' victory, this is one story (although hillarious) illustrates how difficult and desparate is the current predicement facing the Palestinians. Now, the Isrealis are discussing withholding the transfer of customs payments and the EU is planning to withhold Aid. Hopefully, at some stage, there will be compromise on both sides. I wonder if it would ever come. With stories like this, I truly wonder!!!!

The Unrecognized Palestinians: Banned from Marriage,
Travel and Opening Bank Accounts

GAZA, February 7, 2006 (IPC + Al Sharq Al Awsat) -- More
than 54 thousand Palestinians suffer from the problem of
not having an identity card, either by not being registered
with the Israeli authorities at birth, or by having foreign

Soad Al Ameri, the author of the book "Sharon and my mother-
in-law" points out in sarcasm that her dog "Noura" had more
civil rights than her when she was registered as a holder
of a Jerusalem ID, while Soad spent her early years in the
West Bank without one.

She also points out to this contradiction when an Israeli
soldier allowed "Noura" to enter Jerusalem with the car but
without Soad due to the ID card issue. However, Soad managed
to convince the soldier that she's Noura's driver, in order
to be let into Jerusalem.

In many areas of the Palestinian territories, ID cards
can determine one's fate, especially at Israeli military
checkpoints that dot the West Bank, where those without
a Jerusalem ID card, which is issued only for Jerusalem
residents, make sure they steer clear from these check-
points in fear of harassment, arrest or even expulsion
at the hands of the Israeli soldiers.
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