Executive Power, The War on Terror and 1984

There is no question that Executive Power has continued to expand throughout the Bush Years. The War on Terror requires toughness. However, I continue to have a problem with giving up constitutional rights in the name of freedom. I also have a problem when the Attorney General of the United States comes on National Television and justifies the surveillance ordered by the President on the grounds of the proactive of Commander in Chief. In addition, I also have a problem when this very Attorney General--who basically dismissed the Geneva Convention and condoned torture and then try to distance himself--says Congress was informed. Well, the Attorney General seems to forget that Jay Rockefeller did express concerns. So, Mr. Gonzales is wrong again. But, unfortunately, with a Congress controlled by Republicans, this is what one has to expect and hope for. I am just one voice..and a lonely one at that. How far will this Adminstration go in the name of securing our so-called Freedom?
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