Things seem to be falling apart!!!

I hate to be gloomy, but what I see and read is worrying me. A new poll out today states that more than half the country thinks we will not win in Iraq. On top of that, the economy seemed to be losing its' momentum and the country has to deal with Katrina and Rita. It is true that folks are still working and jobs seem to continue to be created, but I thought about Harry Truman's thought that "A recession is when you lose your job...a recession is when your neighbor loses his job." A lot of our neighbors in the Gulf Coast have lost their jobs and some may not meet mortgage obligations for homes that has fallen apart. It is now that I think about those in this country who think the government does not have a role and must just disappear. As someone once said, those very people seem to like the pork that comes with being in power. However, they don't want to have the responsibility. I worry about the future. I feel helpless and frustruated that I can't seem to do anything about it.
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