Thank You, Fareed Zakaria

There are those brave souls that sometimes have the courage to write the truth. Fareed Zakaria is one of them. In his September 26 column in Newsweek, he has pointed out the bankrupt and totally useless manner in which the country is being run right now. We seem to have stuck our head in the sand. Hopefully, someone will be able to realize, as Fareed points out, that "Hurricane Katrina is a wake up call. It is time to get serious." As Fareed reminds us, Securing the homeland, fighting terrorism and having an effective foreign policy must be central. There also needs to be an abosolute committment to the education system, a world class infrastructure and a focus on science and technology that has made us into the economic powerhouse we are today. Private sector can't do it all. I hope, as Fareed does, that since we're paying for it--hopefully someone will show up someday that will help get our money's worth. What is being thought about is not a liberal or conservative idea, but an idea that I think everyone shows aspire to. We can all disagree with how to get there, but let's not sacrifice the future for the sake of some immediate short term benefits in the name of so-called Economic Growth which only a few will end up taking advantage of.
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