What a Day!!!

It seems that whatever personal problems or challenges at hand does not matter much. I am watching CNN continuing the coverage on Katrina. Katrina has destroyed the US Gulf Coast. The scenes are just depressing and worrisome. I am gratified by the committment of our leaders to get things under control and on-going. New Orleans' plight is gruesome. I've had such fun memories of New Orleans. I know things will get better. They have to!!!

There is also Iraq. Over 800 people are dead because some idiot yelled out "Suicide Bomber" and folks just panicked. They were all worshipers. That is what makes it even worst to contemplate. No matter what one believes, a line must never be crossed. Somehow, these so-called insurgents just want to kill. I wish I could suggest an answer. Even if I did, I wonder if someone would listen to "just another ordinary face in the crowd".
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