Some Thoughts on Big Companies

I read about GE's re-organization today. Jeff Immelt is making his mark. The streamlining is slated to save about $ 200-$300 Million a year. In addition, Immelt has taken steps to make sure that leading young lights are promoted. If this is not vision from a leader, I don't know what is.
This week also saw the accession of Sir Howard Stringer @ Sony. He has set out the following objectives to turn around Sony: (1) Stem losses in consumer electronics; (2) De-Layer management and cut bureaucracy; (3) Improve co-ordination in software development; (4) Refocus R&D spending on growth areas; (5) Adopt cost-cutting tacticts from Project USA cost-cutting; (6) Rebuild internal morale; (7) Re-examine supply chain management; (8) Consider plant closures; (9) Lay outSet five-year growth plan. (Courtesy of the Financial Times).
He has a challenge before him that I believe he will be able to meet. Hopefully, I am right.
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