Out of the Box Thinking

Here is an interesting development out of the United Kingdom (Courtesy of the British PM's website). I wish such innovations were on-going in the United States:

Many UK households could one day make money by selling small amounts of power by using home generators, under plans released today.
'Micro-generation' is the production of energy on a small scale using technology such as solar panels and small wind turbines.
The plans show that in the future some generation will move closer to home - giving people the chance to contribute directly to the UK's long-term environmental and energy goals.
Selling energy is among the possibilities raised by Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks in a new consultation.
Mr Wicks said that one day many people could receive a cheque alongside their energy bill. He added:
"Many people are keen to do their bit to help cut climate-changing emissions.
"They have the potential to make a big difference - nearly half of all UK carbon dioxide emissions come from buildings.
"It's all about looking to the future but acting now."
A strategy for the promotion of micro-generation will be published by April 2006.
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