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View of the Week: Remembering Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols passed away earlier today.    He leaves a legacy of talent and beauty as exemplified in films that will endure.  The team @The Jewish Daily Forward put together a very nice retrospective on a remarkable life. We here @ "outsiders" also remember him and pray that his soul RIP:


On the Prowl: An "Outsider" newsflash From the Americas (11/19/2014)

One of the bright spots of conflicts around the World had suffered a setback recently as a Colombian General was kidnapped by the FARC guerrillas in Colombia.   Notwithstanding the circumstances that led to the General's Capture, the FARC has agreed to release the General and President Santos of Colombia has agreed to return the Peace Delegation back to Cuba.   

Good News Indeed!!!

The dispatch From Al Jazeera:

Notations on Our World: On #Israel & #Palestine

The past 24 hours have been horrific yet again in the Middle East as the cycle of violence on both sides continues to escalate ever more.    What is ever more disturbing is this late breaking development as reported by the Middle East Monitor:

If this in fact occurs it will formalize the death of the so-called peace process that began with Oslo that resulted in the historic handshakes between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein (who are no longer with us).   The so-called process for all intent and purposes dead despite half-baked attempts by the United States to resurrect it.    One of the aspirants to the Office of the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett underscored this in a recent opinion he did for the New York Times:

Marta Monteiro
The Oslo plan for a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is finished. We need a new model.

This is as Akiva Eldar wrote an scathing criticism of the Israeli Prime Minister in Al-Monitor as he noted how he "captains Israel into the doldrums".      

When this cycle of violence and mistrust will be broken is not certain.

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