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Notations For the Week-End: On #IranTalks

Over the ensuing days, we here @ #Outsiders have been assessing the progress of the talks.    We have seen reports of "gaps" and then "substantive progress" including a "draft agreement".   This is as the Israeli Prime Minister has continued his public campaign to derail the effort which had been going on for quite some time--including his speech before Congress and the apparent reports of Israeli Spying which has been denied by Israeli Government officials.   The Israeli Prime Minister has just within the past few hours said that the apparent deal is "worst" than he feared.   It appears that Iran has agreed in principle to cut the centrifuges and also to ship out the enriched Uranium.

We have seen reports that the Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif has a cold and has continued to work through it.   We also have seen reports that the US Secretary of State has cancelled out his plans to hopefully gain the broad framework by March 31.  We also understand that the other princples--the French Foreign Minister, The Russian Foreign Minister, The British Foreign Secretary along with the Chinese Foreign Minister are going to Switzerland (If they have not arrived already as we went to press on this edition of "notations").    It is also of note that it is the Iranian New Year and the entire Iranian Delegation has given up the annual 2-Week Nowrouz (New Year) Celebration.  It may not matter to others around the World--but it should underscore a sense of commitment.   President Rouhani's Brother, Hussein (A Special Assistant to President Rouhani) , is also back in Switzerland after a few days to attend their Mother's Funeral.

Hopeful Signs are before us.   The question is whether they are able to close the deal by March 31.  The broader question is whether the agreement will pass muster with what is surely going to be a very concerted campaign spearheaded by the Israeli Prime Minister and supported by the Republicans in Congress.    The US Senate Majority Leader, Senator McConnell, is in Israel and the House Speaker is about to go as well.

It is bound to be an exciting few weeks.....


Notations From the Grid: The Reality of Geopolitics in the Middle East Right Now.....

It has been a challenging few hours as Saudi Arabia has begun a 10-Nation bombing campaign with new strikes being reported as we're noting in this latest edition of "newsflash".   

As we have been assessing this very dynamic development as eptiomized by Yemen right now, this little nifty diagram we ran across says it all:

Challenging ever more.....


An #Outsider Newsflash: On #Yemen Right Now.....

Sanaa, the Capital of Yemen, has been hit with airstrikes by Saudi Arabia as the Houthis have continued their assault.    As we are writing this newsflash, Al Jazeera is interviewing the Editor of the Yemen Times who is reporting the attacks on military targets that underscores how the entire City of  Sanaa has been shaken by the attacks and bombings are clearly being heard.   It is striking how the Saudi Ambassador to The United States announced it in Washington.

It is truly scary times right now as it will trigger a wider war. 

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