Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On the Art of the Possible

We hereby present the following on the art of the possible:

Above (L to R): Gregg Lemkau of Goldman Sachs and NFL Players Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin
Growing up, Shaquem Griffin dreamed of one day playing in the NFL with his twin brother Shaquill, despite a prenatal condition that required the amputation of his left hand when he was four years old. But for Shaquem, “It just made me more determined to show people what I really can do and prove everybody wrong,” he said during a recent episode of Talks at GS. Last year, Shaquem made history when he became the first one-handed player to be drafted into the NFL, joining his twin brother Shaquill on the Seattle Seahawks. In their recently released book, Inseparable: How Family and Sacrifice Forged a Path to the NFL, the brothers share their story of determination and resilience, and encourage a more inclusive attitude in professional sports and other pursuits. “I just feel like giving everybody a chance…. Everybody is so stuck on how everything has been and when something's different, they can't seem to grasp it,” Shaquem said. "If I'm doing what's right on the field, I can help open up doors to create more opportunities for guys and girls or anybody who wants to play ball or anybody who wants to do anything.”
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