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As We Bid Farewell to Q3 2014: Notations on Our World & A Hope 4 All

Within a day, September 2014 will be relegated to history.   This quarter has been a challenging quarter around the World.    Although The UK survived, Spain will have to be faced with its' own separatist movement.  Dayesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/ISLAMIC state) continues onward despite the 200+ US Airstrikes at a cost of One Billion Dollars.    This was also a month that saw the Clinton Global Initiative hold meetings in New York as the UN had the General Assembly that saw Presidents, Foreign Ministers and Prime Ministers come out to lay out their visions and challenges before the World.     President Obama dropped by the Clinton Global Initiative for his annual visit: 

It was a month that the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, take New York by storm and has now arrived in Washington for a summit with President Obama   .  It is also a month that saw the election season take hold ever more in the United States as states have begun the absentee ballott process and all major candidates across the political spectrum are clamouring for funds to "meet the numbers".   This was also a month that saw a New President take office in Afghanistan.    

This has also been a quarter that has seen inroads like never before in Technology.   Apple came out with the iphone 6 and broke records.   Western Digital introdcuted a 10 Terabyte Drive.    Alibaba went public and continues to dazzle the World.   Yet, China continues to fascinate as Hong Kong has arisen to demand the rights that it was promised when China took Hong Kong Back.    Brazil has a good chance to elect a Black Woman as President in large measure due to the continued calamity it faces which began before the World Cup.      This is as the World is also facing up to the calamity of Ebola.  As this all was going on, Forbes came out with its' list of the richest Americans.   Bill Gates was richer ever so with $ 81 Billion and occupied the top spot.

As we bid farewell to Q3 and look to a very challenging Q4 before us, it is ever so challenging to be hopeful.     What is noted below courtesy of Jonathan  Lockwood Huie reflects a desire and a driving force behind what "Outsiders" is about as we continue to assess our World and really hopefully try and change the discourse before us: 

These are the things I hold divine:
A trusting child's hand laid in mine,
Rich brown earth and wind-tossed trees,
The taste of grapes and the drone of bees,
A rhythmic gallop, long June days,
A rose-hedged lane and lovers' lays,
The welcome smile on neighbors' faces,
Cool, wide hills and open places,
Breeze-blown fields of silver rye,
The wild, sweet note of the plover's cry,
Fresh spring showers and scent of box,
The soft, pale tint of the garden phlox,
Lilacs blooming, a drowsy noon,
A flight of geese and an autumn moon,
Rolling meadows and storm-washed heights,
A fountain murmur on summer nights,
A dappled fawn in the forest hush,
Simple words and the song of a thrush,
Rose-red dawns and a mate to share
With comrade soul my gypsy fare,
A waiting fire when the twilight ends,
A gallant heart and the voice of friends.
- Jean Brooks Burt


Notations on the World: On #India, #Afghanistan & Other Thoughts

India is taking the World by Storm as Prime Minister #Modi is now in The United States for a 5 Day Visit.  He's due to meet with President Obama later on Monday.

Sunday saw him attend a party at Madison Square Garden in New York.    It was an event organized by the Indian American Community which was staffed by Volunteers and funded by donations.   As the coverage on #NDTV reflected, it underscored the level of excitement that continues so far as the #modiwave seems to be prevalent ever more.   He made some very interesting comments as he promised lifetime visas for overseas Indians as he also said that US Citizens will be able to get visas on the Spot when they go to India.    It was also quite intriguing to see how Prime Minister #Modi directly reached out to #Pakistan as well.   One wonders if #Pakistan in fact is going to take up the hand of reconciliation after the last number of months.   

As the Indian Prime Minister is traveling the World, India is going through another election cycle.    It was frankly shocking to see this as India is gearing up for further mid-term & State Elections: : 

Some of the key things she was convicted of included having 750 Pair of Shoes and 12,000 Saris--How can one have 12,000 is beyond words!!!   Jayalalithaa is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and protests have broken out--however the fact that such a powerful political personality is able to be convicted and brought down (and spend time in Jail) is a tribute to India and the rule of law.   What was also quite disturbing though was the imposition of President's Rule in India's Richest state: Maharashtra.  This is where India's commercial capital, Mumbai is located.   It is due to the instability caused by the resignation of the Chief Minister as the state gears up for elections as well.   India, also, had another reason to celebrate as the +MarsOrbiterMission reached the red planet:

One more key event is about to occur later on today:   Afghanistan is about to finally have a new President.   Ashraf Ghani will take the oath of office as President as Abdullah Abdullah will be named Chief Executive.     #Karzai made his farewell speech and noted how he made a difference--even though the reality is different.   Afghanistan is broke and is ever so dependent on Foreign Aid.   Some 80 Afghan Soldiers on an average are falling victim to the fight with the #Taliban.   Ashraf Ghani has a profound challenge before him as he assumes office.  This is as #Karzai will continue to wield influence from behind the scenes--including maintaining a residence at the "ARG"--The Presidential Palace in Kabul.    

As the inauguration drew near,  bombs went off near the Presidential Palace  to underscore the simple yet crucial fact:   The Taliban will continue to wreck havoc on Afghanistan.    This as the BBC Farsi Service just reported that the Dayesh Forces (also known as the Islamic State/ISIS/Etc. in the West) has been fighting Iraqi Government Forces in the Western Suburbs of Baghdad.    It is part of the very worrisome developments that continue to grapple the World as President Obama admitted how the United States underestimated the strength of  Dayesh.

A Challenging Few Days...Yet again.....


View of the Week: On #NotInMyName & #MuslimApologies....

For this edition of "View of the Week", this article that was published on the website "takepart" that underscored the reality and how this sense of demonization continues to be prevalent.     Although hillarious, it is also a sad testament to our times--and how the struggle against these sub-human mutants  who claim to act in the name of faith is ever so crucial than ever before:

Tired of Being Demonized, Muslims on Twitter Apologize for Algebra, Coffee, and Soap

The hashtag #MuslimApologies spotlights the hostility against Islam fueled by “psychopaths” claiming to act in the name of Islam.

To counter prejudice, some followers of Islam have taken to Twitter with a new hashtag: #MuslimApologies.
Muslims this week began apologizing on social media for algebra (named after a book by mathematician Abu Jaf’ar Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi), shampoo (first brought to England by a Muslim merchant), “amazing architecture,” and other innovations made possible by members of the Islamic faith throughout history. The point? That Muslims, of whom there are about 1.6 billion, shouldn’t be blamed for the heinous crimes of a few.
#MuslimApologies first popped up on Twitter on Sept. 24, the same day President Obamaaddressed the United Nations General Assembly, saying that it’s “time for the world—especially Muslim communities—to explicitly, forcefully, and consistently reject the ideology of al Qaeda and ISIL.” He commended the #NotInMyName campaign, whose mission statement declares that “ISIS is hiding behind a false Islam.” (ISIL and ISIS are commonly used acronyms for the extremist group now calling itself the Islamic State.)
The new hashtag seeks to address a different issue: the notion that religion bears responsibility for extremist actions at all.
Among the wry quips were serious messages about racism and stereotypes. One user tweeted, “Sorry for being oppressed and called a terrorist all my life.”
The movement reflects a widespread problem. Since a huge spike following the attacks of 9/11, the FBI reports, hate crimes against Muslim Americans have leveled off only slightly. According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, 50 percent of Americans believe that among other religions, Islam is more likely to encourage violence. A hashtag may not solve the issue, but putting the silliness of bigotry in the spotlight could help.
From funny to heartbreaking, here are some of the tweets  (and I chose to embed a few of them that takepart's Assistant Editor Commented on for reference):

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