On our World on a Challenging Week: Thoughts for the Week-End

We're faced with a World that is ever so dangerous.   As we prepared to go  "dark" for the Week-End here in "Outsiders",  we received a newsflash from India's NDTV on Pakistan attacking 22 Indian Border Security Forces in Jammu & Kashmir.     This is as Pakistan has been in the midst of a political upheaval due to the march on Pakistan's Capital, Islamabad, by the opposition demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister.

As we're witness to such a challenging, dangerous and angry World, we should remember what Gandhi Ji told us about wanting to be the change we want to see in the World.  Part of it entails having a sense of compassion and understanding which begins with the simple admonition that the Persian Prophet Zorostan (Zartoost) told us some 6,000 years ago:  To think good thought, to do good deeds and to talk kindly and justly.     This little clip (courtesy of the team @ Give More) speaks to this in a profound way:

We should also not forget this and hopefully do what we can to help elevate others:

 If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to help other people. 

George Lucas (1944- ) 

May we all be blessed to do what we can in this endeavor.

Onward to the Week-End.....

An "Outsiders" Newsflash: Of Profound Concern on Rights

As the Week-End looms here in "Outsiders", this crossed our desk courtesy of Professor Jonathan Turley that is of profound concern as it appears that the erosion of defendant rights seems to be ever so prevalent:


View of the Week: On Syria--The Forgotten War

The horror of Syria is now a cancer that has become a World Wide Problem.   The UN says that some 5,000 people are dying every month.   But, what the UN does not account is the long-term impact.   THis was brought home to me when I was at a meeting yesterday and I was advised of a Syrian Man who had died of a heart attack at the age of 53.   He had lost his brother and his father to this war.  It is such stories that will continue onward as this war continues and the reality was ever so reflected here:

When will such horror end?   UN says Syrian death toll more than 191,000 - Middle East - Al Jazeera English


Thought 4 the Week: On #WoodBadge & A Continued Commitment To Serve

 For this "Thought 4 the Week", A very dear friend and fellow Scouter was good enough to share this on Wood Badge.   Wood Badge was one of the highlights of my life--an Opportunity to serve and learn from some of the most selfless souls in the World who have dedicated their lives to serving the leaders of tomorrow.   

May all be ever so blessed to serve and strive to make a difference.....

Wood Badge

We who have lived in the woods together,
And have heard the kudu horn,
Have found within our hearts,
A spirit newly born.
We who have lived in the woods together
Beneath God's open sky,
Have found a truer meaning
In helping the other guy.
We who have lived in the woods together
In nature's great expanse,
Have found that nothing good in Scouting
Is ever left to chance.
We who have lived in the woods together
And have shared each other's task,
Have found a few more answers
to the thousand questions a boy can ask.
So as we gather for Scouting
And friendship once again,
We honor these beads you are wearing,
Welcome Wood Badge friend!


On The Right To Know, Freedom of the Press & Other Thoughts

It has been a terrible week for journalism around the World.     The horrific report out of Iraq about the execution of James Foley was the most extreme and horrible example of the challenges Journalists face all around the World.    Although I did not know this man personally, from the accounts I read of him and the interviews with his friends,  he was shown to be one of  those selfless souls who dedicated his life to educate the World on the perils of the war in Libya, Syria and Iraq.   May his soul Rest in Peace, grant his courageous family the solace to deal with this tragic loss and may we all see the day that the killers who did this in what they perceive to be their twisted sense of faith be brought to justice.     

As the World has come to grips with the tragic death of Mr. Foley,   there is also what has happened to the New York Times' Matthew Rosenberg.  I read with great interest his gripping and truthful account of the profound political challenges in Afghanistan.    The Afghan Attorney General apparently did not like it--and brought him in for Questioning.    One point on Twitter made said it all:  his only crime was to expose the truth.    The reality on the ground is that the Taliban are ever so emboldened as the Obama Administration reaffirmed its' commitment to the Withdrawal of all forces.     It is quite a dilemma especially as Iraq withers away as a Nation as the Islamic State Thugs continue the rampage throughout Iraq and Syria.     What is so ironic is how these thugs want to create their "state" and want to impose a per-medieval condition on that part of the World while employing the most sophisticated P/R effort out there today to spread their messages of hate.     

Meanwhile, back in the United States, there is also the continued persecution of Journalists and whistle-blowers.   Although President Obama came out reaffirming people's peaceful right to protest and for the information to be disseminated, the reality has in fact been different.   This is as there is an increased militarization of Police Departments.     I remain hopeful that just as Snowden brought the very essence of transparency and accountability to bear with his actions, Ferguson also serves to be a pivotal  moment for America so that such is avoided:

Officer appears to threaten cameraman covering chaos in FergusonAn officer appears to have threatened Mustafa Hussein of Argus Radio, a member of the media livestreaming the chaos in Ferguson last night. "Get the f--- out of here and keep that light off or you're getting shelled with this," video shows -- although the audio is somewhat garbled. Last week, police arrested Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly as they were reporting on the unrest in the St. Louis suburb following the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

I was online commenting and monitoring these live feeds and the scenes were absolutely horrific--and I salute  Mustafa and all who put themselves in Harms' Way.     

It is also fitting to remember all Journalists who continue to languish on in Prisons.    Jason Rezayian of the Washington Post and his wife continue to be detained and I have not received reports of them being released.    Al Jazeera Journalists continue to be languishing in Egyptian Dungeons.   It has been a pleasure for me to add my voice to call for the Al Jazeera staff to be released because Journalism is not a crime.   

The need to fight for transparency and accountability is ever so critical if we insure a more viable future.    The challenge is to sustain that sense of courage to do it.


View of the Week: On Seizing the Moment....Being Mad and Engaging w/our World......

For this edition of the "View of the Week",  such thoughts that Jonathan Lockwood Huie shared in his outreach is ever so important to underscore a sense of the responsible.  It is not an easy thing to embrace such thoughts especially as the War in Gaza rages on, the Islamic State thugs continue their reign of terror in Iraq and Boko Haram continue its' reign of terror in Nigeria.  

Onward..with a sense of hope.....


Only put off until tomorrow
what you are willing to die having left undone.
- Pablo Picasso

If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured,
it may never arrive.
Mountains will not be climbed, races won,
or lasting happiness achieved.
- Maurice Chevalier

Today is your day to 
smile broadly, sing loudly,
paint your rooms in bold colors,
search every rabbit hole
for a magical white bunny,
have caviar for breakfast
and oatmeal for dinner,
wear a purple coat with a red hat,
and dance lightly with life.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

A "Blast From the Past": Top 10 Unknown Gadget Pioneers - Techlicious

This is a periodic new feature forthcoming.  This is a beautiful piece courtesy of the Team @ Techlicious that does some fantastic work in educating the World on Technology Today and bringing a commons sense of it all to bear.   These leading lights of Technology and what they've done for us have made all the difference for what we very much take for granted today.    What a legacy to leave:

On the "Grid"